June 2017

Codecanyon – ENVATOMARKET – Worthwhile becoming a member

8th June, 2017|Categories: Software, Web|

When I was setting up my WordPress website, I was looking for quality WordPress theme and plugins.  Looking around the Net, I came across Codecanyon - ENVATOMARKET. It's a quite popular website where you can find quality software.  I decided to purchase a few software by becoming a member.  Paid little more than the actual [...]

Why WordPress?

3rd June, 2017|Categories: Web|

There are many Web Design programs available in our market.  Very traditional one is to use your favorite Text Editor to create web page file (either *.htm or *.html) and remotely send it to your web hosting provider.  However, you need enough coding knowledge to create presentable pages for viewers if you only use your [...]

E-Commerce using WooCommerce & Paypal payment

1st June, 2017|Categories: E-Commerce, Paypal|

I've  been asked by my client to set up an E-Commerce interface on their Website.  Essentially, required package was for a WordPress site.  Looked around and it appeared WooCommerce plugin package was the way to go.  Before doing anything else, I had to experiment the WooCommerce package myself.  I have set up a local WordPress [...]

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