January 2019

Apple Myth 07 – Mac GUI Disk Utility cannot erase all the Windows formatted disk with GUID Partition Table Scheme

15th January, 2019|Categories: Apple|

If you are a power user for both Mac and Windows base PC, you maybe tempted to use previously running Windows base system disk for your Mac system disk saving some cost.  But, please be aware, Mac GUI Disk Utility cannot erase (wipe clean as raw disk) all the Windows formatted disk. Typically, this happens with [...]

Apple Myth 06 – macOS Mojave and APFS

7th January, 2019|Categories: Apple|

I. It appears Apple is very much determined to push their new APFS (Apple File System) when you install the latest macOS Mojave. Requirement of Mojave installation is that the system disk must be at least Mac OS Extended (Journaled) - GUID Partition Table disk. However, this Mac OS Extended (Jornaled) disk will be converted [...]

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