I started computing in early 80’s. It was a floppy disk base IBM DOS and MS DOS. Then the Microsoft Windows came in along the side of Apple computers. Starting with 8bit processor, it evolved to 16bit, 32bit and 64bit these days. Microsoft released Windows 10 in July, 2015 calling it as the final OS.

Although, computer industry evolved so much in recent years, one thing never changes. Computers requires human to operate (until such time computer have own function and will to operate by itself). Apart from this SF story, we tend to forget computer communication is both ways not one way. Then a mishap happens just pressing one key.

I’ve helped out so many cases in the past to fix such disasters. Then I thought about providing my past experience to the wider community. As each mishap case is different in nature, you are often told by computer support centre “You’ve lost everything”. In many cases, it’s not true.

So long as the recorded media holding your variable data (photos, e-mail etc.) is not physically damaged, there is a good chance you can recover all the data.

It’s my passion to see those mishaps are fixed and a big smile on your face.


I was mechanically inclined even as a boy.

It took such a long time to meet with the finest – computer -.

In the beginning, it was just cost prohibitive. But one day, I was fortunate enough to get hold of NEC PC8001 computer with “32KB” of memory. So it began.

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