There days, I’ve been dealing with more and more for Apple Macintosh products.  So, I’ve decided to post series of “Apply Myth” or ” Urban Legend” being talked about.

1st one is the apple iPad – “Find my iPhone activation lock”.  Usually, there are 2 types of locking mechanism for iOS devices.  1st one is to do with miss input of your pass code for more than 6 times and iOS device will lock up.  2nd one is where “Find my iPhone” is enabled in your iOS device, then the iOS device starts asking you to input your Apple ID and Password to get into the device.  Today’s story is the 2nd case.

If you do not know much about iOS devices, it’s quite possible someone else sets up your iPad for the first time.  That is to create Apple ID and Password using a newly created your email address.  Then you start using your iPad without knowing your Apple ID and Password or a piece of paper showing your Apple ID and Password is long gone.

Then, all of sudden and out of blue, your iPad start showing “Activation Lock’ and unless otherwise you input your Apple ID and Password, you are not able to use your iPad any longer.

iPad activation lock

“Urban Legend” says if you do factory reset of the iPad, you can reset your iPad without Apple ID and Password…… “Wrong”!!!!

Because find my iPhone information is stored in Apple server and even if you perform factory reset of your iPad, you cannot bypass this Apple ID and Password test.

Only way to reset your iPad without having Apple ID and Password is to visit local Apple store and present “Proof of Purchase” then Apple can reset the iPad for you.  Apple keeps record of your purchase for 7 years in Australia.  Please do not rely on so called “iCloud activation bypass tool” as such.  As the matter of fact, I really like security measures Apple is taking.  It’s for your own protection.  For more information “how to remove your iOS device”, please visit the following Apple link.


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