Survival guide for not to be locked out form paid Apple applications, music and book collections for your Apple ID and App Store


When you purchase Apple device (Apple computers, iPad, iPhone etc.) for the first time, you are encouraged to setup Apple ID and Password.

Apple does not give you much guidance but Apple ID must be “VALID EMAIL ADDRESS”.

Pitfall 1: Some people use a company email address or school email address for the Apple ID.  Please do not use such an email address as Apple ID where you may lose your access to the email account later in your life.  But this is not so critical if you setup your personal profile at Apple ID website where you can setup your alternative rescue email address.

When you setup your personal profile, you are requested to go through challenge questions setup of your choice for coming back to Apple ID website to get in later date.


Many people do not write down this very important piece of information.  It simply means you may not be able to pass the gate 2nd time.

Apple ID Security Questions


Apple recommends to tighten your security by adding an extra layer of security to your account.  By setting up this extra layer, Apple sends either 4 digit code (2 step verification) or 6 digits code (2 factor authentication) to your device (usually your smart phone) and you simply type in those digits on Apple ID login screen to get into your personal profile.  There will be no more challenge questions and answers if you set this one up.

Caution: Confusion between 2 step verification and 2 factor authentication

2 step verification is used for older Apple Device or Mac computer using older OSX system software.  As such, you are most likely guided to setup 2 factor authentication as you have newer communication device in your hand. So, please bear in your mind that 2 step verification is different from 2 factor authentication.  2 step verification will provide you with recovery key at the end.  You must save this key in safe place because if you lose the key, the key will be gone forever. (Even Apple cannot recover the key)

Example: 2 step verification Recoery Key

Example: 2 step verification

Example: 2 factor authentication

Pitfall 3 (Very Important): Some people setup this layer of security using smart phone number where the actual phone belongs to the company and may have to be returned when people leave the company.  It simply means access to the security code becomes impossible.  Please use your own smart phone for this setup.  Using your own phone means you can get the number back even if the phone is stolen by just visiting your phone service provider blocking the number on the stolen phone and get a new phone with the same number.


It’s quite OK to setup another Apple ID and password in case of forgetting password and cannot get into App store and others “PROVIDED YOU HAVE NOT PURCHASED (PAID) ANYTHING FROM APP STORE, ITUNES ETC. AND HAVE NOT USED ICLOUD STORAGE”.  On the other hand, if you have paid your Apple collections, by simply setting up a new Apple ID and password most likely will lock you out of your collection forever.

In case of forgotten password or security questions, best talk to Apple National Support before trying any guesstimate attempt which may result in locking the Apple devices. Apple National Support (Australia) 1300321456.

Story of 2 step verification – Never Loose of your Apple ID Recovery Key

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