The more I deal with Mac computer repairs, I notice many Mac users tend to stay on with the initial OSX installed on the Mac when purchased.

As the matter of fact, there are still many Mac lovers use OSX 10.6 – Snow Leopard released in June, 2009.

But eventually, those old OSX users face issues using their favorite Mac computers because of installed software cannot be updated.

Question is which version of macOS is still supported by Apple?

Is there any way to preserve those old Mac software and files when you purchase a new Mac computer?

Interesting reading article is as follows.

Which Releases of macOS Are Supported With Security Updates?

It’s quite true Apple and other software vendors push software release on Apple App Store which only support Mojave (10.14), High Sierra (10.13) and Sierra (10.12). Even Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac release updates for Sierra (10.12) minimum these days. (The last update for El Capitan – 10.11 for Office 2016 for Mac is version 16.167 (190210) and 16.17 update cannot be applied on El Capitan OSX)

Also, as you notice most of current Mac software release from various vendors support OSX Yosemite (ver 10.10) as minimum operating system platform.

OK, how about upgrading those old Mac computers to brand new Mac computers?

Recently, I dealt with upgrading an old White iMac 24 inch (released in 2006) running OSX 10.5 Leopard to a new Mac computer running macOS 10.14 Mojave. It was not easy at all.

You can refer here for the specification of the old White iMac 24 inch (released in 2006)

1. Migration Assistant of Mojave (ver 10.14) cannot take backup data of Leopard (ver 10.5).

2. First, the Mojave Mac has to have El Capitan (ver 10.11) as an operating system which can take Leopard (ver 10.5) backup data using Migration Assistant.  See El Capitan image as below;

El Capitan

3. Once migration is done, then the system can be updated to Mojave (ver 10.14)

4. The above is very tedious process and very much time consuming because of file system difference in Mojave (Apple File System – APFS).

5. Also, there are handful of installed software on the old White iMac 24 inch not compatible with current release of macOS Mojave.

Those software not compatible with Mojave on my client’s old White iMac 24 inch

iMovie HD
Microsoft Office 2004 package
MSN Messenger

Note: Old Mac OSX Leopard iCal ( – Mac default program) was migrated to OSX El Capitan, but it was not compatible.  Three ways to deal with this issue.  1. Use Terminal sudo command to change read/write permission or delete the program and replace with the new one  2.  Use Finder and go to property – change permission from read only to read/write and replace the program  3. Most sure way – reinstall OSX El Capitan using external USB stick to overwrite any incompatible migrated applications.   I took No. 3 method.  All the programs are running fine now.

In the end, my client was very happy to have a new Mac computer running most of favourite software including fully migrated Mac Mail and having the old iMac beside runs all the original software.

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