June 2019

Apple Myth 09 – Apple is on track releasing new macOS Catalina and survival guide to use old Apple devices

30th June, 2019|Categories: Apple, iPad|

New macOS Catalina is coming Yes, Apple is very much on track releasing a new macOS once a year. This time, coming macOS is named after Santa Catalina Island which is located in southern California. Most likely, final version is available for general public September or October, 2019. You can find "New features" from the [...]

February 2018

Apple Myth 01 iPad activation lock

19th February, 2018|Categories: Apple, iPad|

There days, I've been dealing with more and more for Apple Macintosh products.  So, I've decided to post series of "Apply Myth" or " Urban Legend" being talked about. 1st one is the apple iPad - "Find my iPhone activation lock".  Usually, there are 2 types of locking mechanism for iOS devices.  1st one is to [...]

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