When I was setting up my WordPress website, I was looking for quality WordPress theme and plugins.  Looking around the Net, I came across Codecanyon – ENVATOMARKET.

It’s a quite popular website where you can find quality software.  I decided to purchase a few software by becoming a member.  Paid little more than the actual software cost using my Paypal account as it did not attract any additional fee.  (I still have US$5.00 credit on my account)

I ticked the box of “Subscribe to Envato Market Newsletter”.  After that time, I started receiving their Newsletters.  It came as a surprise that once a month, I receive “Freebie of the Month” offer where a few quality software listed in the Newsletter I can get for free of charge (limited time offer).  In a few months, I felt I got my money back I paid for my software.

June 2017 freebie offer includes the following software;

Project Security is a website security software which can be used for WordPress and other platform.  Looking through comments from purchased customers, I could find many positive posts.  I will try this plugin first on my local WordPress environment, and if it’s better than the one I’m currently using, I may replace with it.

Not too sure this freebie offer comes with software future update or not (most likely not entitled).  However, if the quality is good, you can still purchase it later.  Good thing about it is you can fully try the software before you buy without any trial restrictions.  I would say it’s definitely worthwhile becoming a member of Codecanyon – ENVATOMARKET.

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