I’ve  been asked by my client to set up an E-Commerce interface on their Website.  Essentially, required package was for a WordPress site.  Looked around and it appeared WooCommerce plugin package was the way to go.  Before doing anything else, I had to experiment the WooCommerce package myself.  I have set up a local WordPress site using Bitnami for WordPress (which is a great free source product and I will comment on the Bitnami program in another Blog post).

I found a very good WooCommerce video tutorial on YouTube.  (It applies to the latest version of WooCommerce plugin)

Complete WooCommerce Tutorial | eCommerce 2017

The above tutorial video is about 1 hour and half long.  It was very useful especially for Paypal component of set up.  It’s a little pity the video did not touch upon optional set up for PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro, PayPal Advanced, PayPal REST, and PayPal Braintree.  Nevertheless, it was a good start.

Having said that, I created Shop menu on my website.  Placed some vintage computer memory items.  The purpose of this online shop is to demonstrate principles setting up Woo Commerce and Paypal, however, the items are actually for sale and available for purchase..

You have to be mindful about setting up an online shop on your website as it’s a same thing as you open up your own shop in your local street.  Regardless of how small and how inexpensive those sales items are, you are bound by Australian Consumer Law and you have to abide by the rules.  It’s totally different form “Private Sale” or “Garage Sale”.  As far as I’m concerned, the most important thing is to display your items very clear manner with proper descriptions attached to those sales items.  Second important thing is to clearly display your Return & Refund policy as visitors to your website cannot examine the items in their hands.  It’s also important to add “Terms and Conditions” checkbox to the  Checkout page of WooCommerce which links to the actual Terms and Conditions page display.  Unless the buyer checks off the checkbox and agree to the Terms and Conditions it will not proceed to the final Checkout.  By doing so, you are at least protecting your own online shop business on your website.  You have to be reasonable and you cannot say “No Refund under any circumstances” because it’s against the law.

You may have to spend sometime to put together your “Terms and Conditions” and the following links may help you out.

Fact sheet on shopping rights

Warranties and refunds – a guide for consumers and business – ACCC


Although, you have to pay a little more fee to Paypal when any sales is made and I know reimbursement from Paypal will take longer time than other ecommerce provider, I believe Paypal is a very good system where you do not have to pay any monthly or annual fee to maintain you account and also you do not have to worry about the security issues which is already handled by Paypal.  Let’s see how it goes.

For those people who have much more sales volume on line (whilst your virtual shop resides in Australia), the following link might be a good reference (however, I’m not too sure how latest the written information on a page as it does not show any article issue date.  The page does have  links to those actual Gateway merchant, so I think those numbers can be confirmed by checking with the actual Gateway merchant).

Payment Gateway Reviews in Australia


WooCommerce plugin is provided free of charge.  In order for your WordPress + WooCommerce online shopping site look more attractive and presentable, there are many additional extensions available in the market.  Some of them are free of charge and you purchase some of premium extensions.  Particularly, if you are considering to sell digital downloadable items through your online shop you have to take other factors into your considerations.  This is because downloadable items are not physical tangible items which you can handle by yourself.

Good way to take a look at various sales items on your online WooCommerce shop and site security matter is the following link.  You should at least browse this site before opening up your online shop.



SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client.  It will provide your website visitor required security standard when the visitor submit personal information to your website (such as real name, street address etc).  If you are thinking about opening online shop on your website, you should at least set up the SSL connection to the E-Commerce Checkout page where your visitor fill out their personal data and submit it to your website.  (Actual payment is usually done by the third party secure connection)

Please note that since Shop menu on my website is to demonstrate WooCommerce and Paypal payment. (the items are actually for sale and available for purchase),  and SSL connection to the Checkout page is fully provided so any of your input details go through secure transactions.  And actual payment will go through secure Paypal gateway process.

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