You may start wondering how I’m combining pictures side by side to create one image.  As the matter of fact, you do not have to purchase any additional software to do that.  All you need is a Windows Paint Program and photos/images you want to combine side by side (my case is to create a featured image for my Blog post).

Rather than me explaining how to do it by writing, best source for this achievement is YouTube videos.  YouTube is such a great resource if you know how to find you are looking for.

The following YouTube video link explains how to do it.  It’s 6 minutes long.

How to Put Photos Side by Side in MS Paint

One thing I’d like to add is that when the above uploader was doing copy & paste from second MS Paint windows to first MS Paint window, he was using selecting the copy area using left click mouse to assign the image, however, you can select entire area as well as an option.

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