There are may websites available for you to get hold of Free Software.

The one I show you is just one of the many.  Please try the below link to visit their website.

GIVEAWAY of the Day (GOTD)

This site introduces one or two software everyday.  Usually you have to get their offer within 24 hours and if the 24 hours period passes, those introduced software is no longer available.

Changing over time of their software distribution is 6:00 pm (EST Australia) and 7:00 pm (EST Australia) for day light saving period.

You download their software in a compressed zip file format.  In the zip file, depend on the day, following files are included.

  1. readme.txt
    Setup.gcd   Where readme.txt contains information about registering the software (serial number or e-mail link to get a serial number)
  2. readme.txt
    Setup.exe (Or whatever the name of executable file only)  Where readme.txt file contains information about registering the software   (serial number or e-mail link to get a serial number)

Combination of *.exe file and *.gcd files are used for program installation and you can only install the software within 24 hours given time.

Distributed programs are mainly (a) Audio Visual Program – mostly DVD/Blu-ray disk file conversion (2) Photo related program (retouch etc) (3) File Management or Disk Management program (4) Backup and Restore program (5) Data Recovery program and so on.

If you wait a short while after the day’s distribution, you can read uploaded users comments so that you can determine whether you would like to use the software or not.

It’s a nice resource to have as it is free of charge.  But bare in mind that the given software is usually not updatable for later version.

I quite enjoy this service because I find from time to time very useful piece of software I did not know about.

Added on 10/6/17

Now, GOTD service will give you a below popup screen when you try to download a today’s free software.

It request you either share this free service by Social Network or provide your email address to get to the download link.  This popup comes and goes from time to time.  But when it start appearing on a screen, it tends to popup for many days to come.  Little annoying, however, I understand why they are doing so. If you do not want to “Share” and rather provide your email address but do not want to receive promotional email everyday, you could simply choose any temporary email service available on the net (you can search such services by entering keywords like “10 minutes mail’ or “15 minutes mail” etc.) so that the email account will disappear after you close your browser.  You use it simply getting to the download link page, get a file and close your browser.

Replay to a comment by letter on 19/11/17

Thanks for your comment.  Much appreciated.  Sorry, I cannot post a reply comment as it shows my login id.  GOTD service is up and running as of today.  Harry

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