How to make Powerpoint Presentation to YouTube 2K Video

Although Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 and 2016 can convert Powerpoint Presentation file to MP4 format, there are some restrictions.  On top of Microsoft support on line office, I found embedded MIDI audio file would not be converted.  Also, output file is restricted to MP4 and WMV format only which tends to become bigger taking more time to upload to Social Media like YouTube.  There are variety of conversion programs available for Powerpoint Presentation file to a video file.  I  used Moyea PPT to Video Converter for the following YouTube video.  It can export Powerpoint Presentation file to Quick Time MOV file which tends to be much smaller than MP4 file output taking less time to upload to YouTube.  (One correction; It appears WMV output file is even smaller than MOV file output and quality is all right)

One thing to remember when you make a Powerpoint Presentation file is to set Slide Size to Custom and change default 25.4 cm (Width) 19.05 (Height) to 50.8 cm (Width) 28.57 (Height) for 2K (1920 x 1080) compliant output format (magic number and your existing Powerpoint slides can be changed to this size format) . I say Powerpoint is a great tool to produce any presentation and video file conversion will provide those Powerpoint and YouTube fan with joy.  By the way, I use Powerpoint 2013 (32bit version) for day to day work.

You maybe interested in knowing more about converting Powerpoint presentation file to a video file.  Following YouTube links are good start.

1. Top 6 Methods to Convert PowerPoint to Video for Free with Sound and Animations

This clip tell you how to create a video file from Powerpoint presentation file free.  Obviously free of charge has some restrictions.

2. Convert PowerPoint to Video – Moyea PPT to Video Converter

I’m no way affiliated with the software house.  Just an end user.

3. How To Make Your 1st YouTube Video With Powerpoint

This clip explains making a YouTube video from Powerpoint presentation file within 1 hour.

4. How To Make a Video In One Hour

Same author as above more in detailed manner.  You need their software One Hour Video Studio to achieve it.  However, author’s website is worth visiting.

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How to make Powerpoint Presentation to YouTube 2K Video

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