It appears the latest macOS Big Sur version up to 11.23 has an iCloud syncing bug. I uploaded a small text file from an early 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch running macOS High Sierra to the iCloud drive.

My iMac 27 inch late 2013 running Big Sur ver 11.23 (production version) cannot find the small text file no matter what I’ve tried. (My iMac 2013 is not supported to run Big Sur – Please refer to my previous post – Apple Myth 13 – How to install macOS Big Sur (11.2) on unsupported Mac devices)

Many Mac users have been complaining about Big Sur and iCloud syncing issues.



macOS v11.1 Big Sur iCloud drive one way syncing issue, files from elsewhere register but files added (drag/drop via finder) stuck on upload

iCloud tabs are not syncing in big sur

iCloud not syncing

It also appears this bug will be fixed once Apple releases Big Sur 11.3 as the same iMac 27 in late 2013 with Big Sur running version 11.3 Beta 3 shows the missing small text file in the iCould drive (I run Big Sur on a separate external SSD drive whilst the internal PCIe Apple SSD still runs on Mojave)

What users normally say is: “Do not install new macOS until such time Apple releases production versions at least XX.3 or XX.4 ” This means the new macOS carries potential bugs inside until such time Apple releases more updates.

As such, Mac users running a production version of Big Sur 11.23 have to wait until Apple releases Big Sur 11.3 to resolve iCloud syncing issues.


Corrections:  I was looking at iCloud dirve through Desktop shortcut; /Users/<user>/Desktop/iCloud Drive which seems acturally different from iCould files locaton;/Users/<user>/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs.  Desktop shortcut appears not syncing with the actual iCould foder.  Big Sur 11.23 appears to be syncing with iCloud drive.  It means you cannot use Desktop sortcut for iCloud drive.

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