There are many Web Design programs available in our market.  Very traditional one is to use your favorite Text Editor to create web page file (either *.htm or *.html) and remotely send it to your web hosting provider.  However, you need enough coding knowledge to create presentable pages for viewers if you only use your text editor and any associated locally installed web design software.

WordPress is by far fast growing giant for novice user friendly online base web design platform and it’s now grown to take around 25% of worldwide web publishing market.   Once it’s set up online, you can start publishing your pages with a very little effort.  Off course, you’d better have some designing sense to start publishing your pages/blog posts which your viewers can enjoy.

I found a very good article on the net called;

The 6 Reasons You Should Choose WordPress for Your Website

It a little pity that the author of the above did not touch upon security control of the WordPress websites.  As the WordPress is open source web design platform free to everyone, there are people out there try to get into WordPress website to inflict damages.

Good source to keep your eyes on is the following link.  You should take a look at this page before installing any plugin or widget (even checking your current version of your WordPress).  As all the WordPress programs and data files reside online on your web hosting server, you should be very much mindful that your WordPress website is subject to outside attack all the time.

WPScan Vulnerability Database

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