This is not an isolated incident. Windows 10 simple updates wipes out very important partitions beyond recovery. This “Windows updates deletes partitions” reported since Windows 7 days.

Recently, I attended my client’s 3.5 inch 2TB internal hard drive (used for system and data) fail to start after a simple Windows 10 updates. When my client tried to shut down his computer at the end of the day, a message popped up saying “Working on updates. Don’t turn off computer”. As it was taking so long, he just went to sleep. On next morning, when he turn on his computer, nothing displayed but black blank screen. Applied Windows 10 updates was not even major twice a year featured update.

What happened?

For whatever the reason, Windows 10 update wiped out 2 important partitions beyond any recovery as healthy partitions.

1. 1st boot information partition
2. System, programs and data partition

There are all sorts of possible cause of loosing partitions if you search the net. However, my assessment was degraded conventional hard drive. My client had been using a notorious conventional mechanical hard drive for 6 years. The following image shows the status of the hard drive. So many bad sectors on the drive. It’s a miracle the hard drive was still readable.

After scanning entire drive (took long time), unfortunately the most important boot information partition and system+data partition could not be identified as a lost partition. They were marked as unallocated space.

Please take a look at the following image as identified recoverable partitions.

It means Windows update deleted system+data partition beyond possible reconstruction using commercial software utility.

Only way to use other kind of commercial software to scan unallocated space to recover lost personal data. This would not recover any programs or software license data.  Please take a look at below image for the result.

You want to blame Microsoft for this?  Primary cause of this happened was due to degraded internal hard drive.  You really need to monitor the health status of your internal hard drive to prevent this to happen.  Only way to achive not loosing important data is to take entire image back up of the system drive.  Then, when this happens, you replace the internal hard drive with a new healthy drive and restore the back up image to the new drive.

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