When software giant Microsoft offered Windows 10 free upgrade in July, 2015 for all Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users, many of us were excited as previous operating system retail package was not cheap at all.

But we did not know the fine prints what Microsoft offered at that time in details.

Windows 10 end user license agreement (EULA) and the big news is it confirms a feature some fear: Windows 10 updates cannot be stopped.

Here’s their official line:

“The software periodically checks for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them for you. You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates. By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.”

You can refer to the following link for the contents of recently released feature update.

What’s new in recent Windows 10 updates

Unlike previous version of Microsoft operating system, users now do not have options stopping those big feature update (twice a year) to be installed on your PC.  The best you can do is to delay it 365 days.  (There are so many articles available how to delay the feature update)

As there is no standard PC architecture, I would say it’s just impossible for Microsoft to offer safe updates for all the available PC computers in the market.  When Windows 10 was first introduced in July, 2015, it was really surprising to see relatively old PC could upgrade it’s Windows 7 or 8.1 system to Windows 10 without any issues.

But now, typical issues after feature update showing as below;

  1. Audio card does not work any more (such as old Acer computer – SoundMax System)
  2. Fax and scanner stop responding (old type devices)
  3. WiFi stop connecting (such as old Toshiba Satellite laptop)
  4. And others

There is an option provided rolling back to previous version of Windows 10 if those issues arise, however, sometimes rolling back will miserably fail and giving you “Blue Screen of Death” – your Windows 10 never starts again no matter how you try.

Or, installed software conflict with feature update.

  1. Feature update ver 1803 shocked many of Avast and AVG anti-virus users where after the update and PC is restarted, you see black screen with only recycle bin icon on your desktop and you could not do anything.  (I attended those cases and only way to resolve the issue is to reinstall Windows 10 over troubled PC using external DVD installation media with a help from Task Manager program.)
  2. Further more, Windows 10 ver 1809 wiped out of all the document file folder for some users.  As a result, Microsoft pulled out released Windows 10 ver 1809 only after a few days of initial release on 2/10/18.  (It’s now presumably fixed and Microsoft re-relased October, 2018 feature update – but version is still 1809)

It appears Microsoft is determined to continue this twice a year feature update as they say there will be no Windows 11 coming up in the market.

Windows10 Blue Screen of Death

So, what is your option?  Best way to go about is to delay the feature update for 365 days if your current Windows 10 operating system is running fine.  Then when the time comes, backup entire operating system and personal files – apply feature update using DVD install media and do not rely on on-line-update.  But it’s easy to say, hard to be done.

You can purchase low end of PC Note computers with only a few hundred dollars (typically Acer, Lenovo etc.).  It’s relatively fast note book computer as it utilises fast flash storage, however, all the parts are on board and internal storage cannot be upgraded (normal storage capacity is only 30GB).  I just cannot believe those PC Note manufacturers release such a limited storage device.  Windows folder itself takes up more than 20GB of space.  When you try to apply twice a year feature update, it will fail as it requires at least 10GB of space.  The best way to go about it is to use USB connected external DVD drive (with Windows 10 installation media) to apply the update and external USB connected hard drive for temporally storage area for undate process.

So, if you require Windows 10 twice a year big update Help service (Sydney CBD, Sydney North Shore – particularly in Chatswood, Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, Pymble, Turramurra, Wahroonga, Warrawee, Hornsby, Macquarie Park and St Ives area) please contact Harry 0417 424 909.  Or refer to our Service page.

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