Once upon a time, a boy got the best present in the world called “Computer”. It made his dream come true connecting the outside world pushing his knowledge of boundary far beyond.

But it was a little old computer almost left behind by the evolution of the “Operating System Giant”. Luckily, the boy was given a chance to catch up with “Operating System Giant” called Windows for 10 free of charge upgrade.

The boy took the chance and … it worked!! His precious computer became alive again … but not so long.

This is not a fairly tale story. Windows 10 free upgrade applied on millions of personal computers but it keeps evolving leaving old technology behind.

So, please be aware of a trap of twice a year big update of Windows 10 where many occasions kill old PCI slot connected cards. It worked on previous version of Windows but once updated – no more.

Worst case scenario is that it crashes the Windows 10 operating itself.

I came across with a desktop type PC bought some 7-8 years ago. It had PCI slot connected WiFi card (I do not name the brand of the card). Wifi card was designed to work for Windows 7.

It worked initially when Windows 10 was released in 2015 and for subsequent big updates. But all of a sudden after Windows 10 ver 1803 update, it stopped working and eventually crashed Windows 10 system itself.

I tested that WiFi card on fresh install of Windows 10 ver 1809. Windows 10 installation failed after restart and never completed.

Unfortunately, this story tells you’d better say goodbye to those old PCI slot card so long as you would like to live with evolution of Windows 10. That is the safest way (sigh!). Please also beware Widows 10 ver 1903 is coming up soon.

So, if you require Windows 10 twice a year big update Help service (Sydney CBD, Sydney North Shore – particularly in Chatswood, Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, Pymble, Turramurra, Wahroonga, Warrawee, Hornsby, Macquarie Park and St Ives area) please contact Harry 0417 424 909.  Or refer to our Service page.

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