1. This is how story begins “Windows 10 fails to start up”

A morning of birthday, a young girl finds a present on her room desk – state of art modern laptop running on Windows 10 given by her parents. She is so excited and starts using the laptop – opens up entire world of knowledge…. But happy story does not last long…. Her beloved laptop, fails to start up for no reason…

This is a typical disaster story for anyone uses Windows 10 computer. And Software Giant Microsoft does not give you any easy solution to fix the problem.

2. Can we fix this “Windows 10 fails to start up issue”?

There are many websites tell you how to fix this problem using complicated command prompt (cmd.exe – command) trying to fix MBR (Mater Boot Record) to attend the issue. But 9 out of 10 – this would not work because problem is coming from elsewhere.

3. Dealing with Windows Registry Files

Ever since the introduction of Windows 3.1 operating system in 1992 , Microsoft introduced “Registry” concept where group of small files keep vital information of your computer. They are kept in the deep inside of Windows system folder.

If you are interested in the concept of Windows Registry files, the following link provides you with a relatively easy explanation.

A hacker’s guide to the Windows Registry

Whatever the reason, it happens with very frequent times, these small registry files tend to get corrupted. Once any one of those files gets corrupted, your Windows base computer will fail to start no matter how hard you try.

Only way to fix the problem is to bring back healthy working registry files into the folder. But you cannot do so unless you have back up files and 9 out of 10 – users do not have back up. Even if you have actual backup files, there is no easy way to bring them back to the right location as it requires knowledge of using Command Prompt.

Another easy way to create the backup is to use “System Restore Point” just like good old days of Windows 7. You can do so any time – just input “system restore point” in a search box – then it will bring you to the pop up screen where you can create the restore points. But please be aware – Windows 10 System Restore Point would not work 100% of the time to bring back your computer to the previous healthy environment. I came across so many times before that this System Restore would not work at all.

4. Prepare for a disaster by installing utility program

There is free utility available to create backup of actual registry files automatically

Registry Backup by tweaking.com
(Download has to go through annoying MajorGeeks.com, though)

You need to have basic knowledge how to use Windows Task Scheduler to set up right backup timing of the registry files.

Please download the full set up file from the above link and install it on your computer.

Once you install the software and start it, you will see the following screen;

Registry Backup Start Up

Among the above backup set up, what you really need is the C:\windows\System32\config\ files.  Particularly default, sam, security, software and system files.  Look how small they are and they are the ones controlling your computer operating system user environment.

Then, you take a look at basic set up screen

Registry Backup Set Up screen

Default setting is Delete backup 7 Days or older.  Keep at least 5 Backups.  I change them to 14 and 10.  Also, Default set up is to Run Under Current User Account and I change it to Run Under System Account.  Then press “Create Schedule” button.

Then, you will edit Schedule for your need in Task Scheduler environment.

Task Scheduler Environment

Default set up is to create a new back up when an user logs in, but for some reason, it does not work.

Registry Backup runs once a day

So, I change the setting to run this back up program at particular time once a day as this computer is up and running 24/7.  You many change the setting to “Every time system starts” if you always turns of your computer after use.

Saved back up registry files

Default location of saved back up files is c:\RegBackup

Required back up files

Required back up files are stored here.

In case of your Windows 10 fails to start up and Automatic Repair does not work, you really need basic knowledge of Command Prompt handing those files to copied back to the original location.  Although the above registry back up program provide a batch file to be executed under Command Prompt which enables you automatically place back those important files to the original location, it requires Command Prompt to run the batch file.  In a nut shell, you need to know how to handle the batch file under Command Prompt.

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