Although, Microsoft stopped forcing twice a year big featured update, the company is very much determined to make users apply update in variety of ways.

Featured image of this blog post popped up after applying ordinary update for Windows ver 1809 (released early October, 2018 and Microsoft pulled back public release in two days – re-released after a month because of user file deletion issue).

If you choose “Yes” to this “Download and install now”, then Microsoft pushes big ver 1903 update and you are not able to use your PC for a while.

Again, this image shows Microsoft is desperate to make users to take up the featured update anyhow. This is not much of a difference accepting twice a year featured update. I believe this behavior is due to Windows 10 version 1909 (19H2) is a smaller update that will be offered as a cumulative update through Windows Update. (Similar to a service pack.)  But it requires ver 1903 is already installed with appropriate updates to qualify for the cumulative update.

If installed version of Windows 10 is ver 1809 or prior, then the process to upgrade ver 1909 will require the full reinstallation of Windows 10.

Again, I experienced so many miserable cases of system failure after applying online base featured update, if I were you, I would wait such time when ver 1909 is released in the very near future, and apply the ver 1909 from DVD base full update – which is the safest way.

You can check what’s new for Windows 10 ver 1909 clicking the following link.

Windows 10 version 1909 (19H2): All new features and changes

It appears all the new features are rather cosmetic and not too sure worth the effort of updating your Windows 10.

Best way to deal with this feature update is not using automatic update but install it from DVD media,  so if you require to deal with Windows 10 featured update installation service (Sydney CBD, Sydney North Shore – particularly in Chatswood, Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, Pymble, Turramurra, Wahroonga, Warrawee, Hornsby, Macquarie Park and St Ives area) please contact Harry 0417 424 909.  Or refer to our Service page.

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