Windows 10 presents all sorts of error messages and you end up with BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). You try to determine the cause of the error, but it’s hard to pinpoint the cause because there are so many different types of Windows based computers floating around the market.

I recently attended a computer repair event for the HP 14-D015TU Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) – 2014. It suffered occasional crashes at my client’s place. At my work place, I noticed degraded internal conventional hard drives. It took a while to clone the drive to a much faster SSD. I cleaned out the contents of the drive and tested everything fine. However, when I delivered the laptop to the client and upon returning to my work place, I received a phone call from the client saying the laptop had crashed with BSOD again.

HP 14-D015TU Notebook PC

HP 14-D015TU Notebook PC

Error message appeared on the screen saying “dpc_watchdog_violation” and most likely it had something to do with the installed low level system driver.

I took the laptop back to my place of work and tested it again. Nothing was wrong with the laptop at my work place. None of “How to fix dpc_watchdog_violation” information on the net helped as the laptop was working all fine at my work place.

So, I did some background checks. My client was recently forced to switch from an Internet connection to the NBN (National Broadband Network) and the back of the NBN, the service provider is now Telstra. Service providers is the only difference between my workspace and my client’s Internet connection environment.

For whatever reason, an updated WiFi driver was the cause of the crash. I downloaded the original WiFi driver from the HP Website and the latest driver was released in 2015. I rolled back the WiFi driver to the old one.

I then delivered the laptop to the client. Magically, the laptop worked fine for my client.

It appears the Telstra WiFi connection is somewhat different from other service providers. I came across another identical incident on my client’s Lenovo E580 laptop where my client suffered an occasional “dpc_watchdog_violation” crash using a Telstra NBN WiFi connection. The Lenovo E580 works fine with WiFi connections at different locations using a non-Telstra Internet connection.

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