You may recall recent world wide ransom ware “Wanna Cry?” attack targeting mainly Windows XP operating system.  Thousands and thousands of PCs were infected by this nasty attack.

Officially, Windows XP ended it’s life cycle at the end of February 2014.  There has been no more updates/fixes released by Microsoft since that time.  (Except for a few occasions when very real threat spread world-wide involving Windows XP operating system)

Is it really end of the story?  It’s a pity as Windows XP was a very light weight and very versatile operating system to play with.

And yet, there is one more hidden avenue to extend the life cycle of Windows XP until 2019 – which is Windows XP “POS” (Point of Sales) ready.  You may be surprised there are so many small PCs attached to cash register you see day to day at a supermarket etc still operating under Windows XP system.

For those users, it was just impossible and cost prohibitive to accept update of the operating system to the next version.  So, as a compromise, there has been Windows XP POS ready version available for those users.

And if you wish, you are able to get this option relatively easy way.

Simply copy and paste the following text (3 lines) using notepad program and save it say as “XPUpdateTill2019.reg” (note: file name extension is reg not txt)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Then double click the XPUpdateTill2019.reg file under Windows XP operating system and the information will be merged into the Registry file.

Restart your PC.  That’s it.  Your Windows XP PC will continue to receive POS Ready updates and fixes until 2019.

As this is very a common and known way to extend the lifecycle of Windows XP, despite the fact what MS is saying in the ZD Net posted article as follows, it maybe the only solution to save unprotected Windows XP.

Registry hack enables continued updates for Windows XP

Windows XP still goes on!  (Please note the above method write directly into Windows registry file, so do it at your own risk.)

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