The latest WordPress ver 4.8 has been finally released.  For a while, it was in Beta version stage.  You can take a look at what appeared on my WordPress Dashboard after the ver 4.8 update.  Please follow the below pdf file link (4 pages – edited … sorry a bit of blank space everywhere where I had to delete all the reference to my WordPress website).

Welcome to WordPress 4.8

Most exiting update feature is the following 4 Widget update.

Image Widget
Now easily to add an image to a widget without using any code. All we have to do is insert images directly within the widget settings.

Video Widget
Now very simple to add any video from Media Library to a sidebar on WordPress site with new video widget feature of ver 4.8.

Audio Widget
For any music lover like a podcaster, musician, or just want to add audio, this is a very big enhancement. Just upload audio files to the Media Library and then go to your widget settings to add the files.

Text Widget
Rich-text editing becomes native for Text widgets, giving complete customization with text format power.

Particularly, we can now use Rich Test in Text Widget (up to now – simple text only) where we no longer have to use third party Text Widget to create a Text Widget box. I’m sure WordPress users will soon start talking about these updates.  It’s really amazing to see the evolution of WordPress platform.  It only gets better.

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