September 2020

Computer Repairs & Upgrade in Sydney 01 – Windows 10 Home to Pro

18th September, 2020|Categories: Computer Repair, Windows 10|

For your convenience, I've decided to provide some tips for computer repairs and upgrades in the Sydney area. 1st one is "How to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro". There are a few differences between Windows 10 Home and Pro. The biggest difference is Windows 10 Home cannot join any domain network. So, [...]

October 2019

Computer Repair Series 04 – Acer Aspire ES1-531 Laptop does not power up because of faulty power jack

6th October, 2019|Categories: Computer Repair|

Cause of common problem of laptop does not power up is either; (1) Faulty AC Adopter (2) Faulty Power Jack and cable to a motherboard (3) Faulty Motherboard (fatal) I attended Acer Aspire ES1-531 Laptop 2016 model the other day not powering up at all. First, I checked attached AC Adopter using a mulitimeter and [...]

July 2018

Computer Repair Series 03 – Is it worth repairing an old Mac computer?

25th July, 2018|Categories: Apple, Computer Repair|Tags: |

My answer: Yes, it’s worth repairing or upgrade internal parts of an old Mac computer. Reasons: Mac computers are generally much more expensive than PC computers, but they tend to last longer. macOS and hardware is coming from the same manufacturer (Apple) and generally they run much faster than PC computers considering they use relatively [...]

June 2018

Computer Repair Series 02 – Internal storage (Hard Drive) failure

23rd June, 2018|Categories: Computer Repair|

Most of computer users do not know what sort of internal storage device (Hard Drive) is placed in their computer.  Typically, there are 2 types of storage devices are available.  One is a conventional mechanical hard drive made out of mostly metallic parts where data storage section constantly moving at high speed.  Another device is [...]

Computer Repair Series 01 – Internal Cooling Fan

10th June, 2018|Categories: Computer Repair|Tags: |

If you have been using Desktop, Laptop or Note computer for quite some time, you notice some noise coming from internal cooling fan area.  Worst case scenario is the internal cooling fan completely stopped turning. You can clean the fan yourself or asking local computer repair person for the job.  Most of the cases, your [...]

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