September 2019

Apple Myth 10 – macOS Mojave Timemachine restore finishes but system does not start

27th September, 2019|Categories: Apple|

There are many articles and posts available on the net regarding macOS Timemachine restore failure. But so far, I have not yet found any fundamental cause of failure. The following is just one of the posts appeared on Apple community. Failed to restore from Time Machine I attended iMac 27 inch 2013 issues the other [...]

June 2019

Apple Myth 09 – Apple is on track releasing new macOS Catalina and survival guide to use old Apple devices

30th June, 2019|Categories: Apple, iPad|

New macOS Catalina is coming Yes, Apple is very much on track releasing a new macOS once a year. This time, coming macOS is named after Santa Catalina Island which is located in southern California. Most likely, final version is available for general public September or October, 2019. You can find "New features" from the [...]

February 2019

Apple Myth 08 – Upgrading your old Mac computer

10th February, 2019|Categories: Apple|

The more I deal with Mac computer repairs, I notice many Mac users tend to stay on with the initial OSX installed on the Mac when purchased. As the matter of fact, there are still many Mac lovers use OSX 10.6 - Snow Leopard released in June, 2009. But eventually, those old OSX users face [...]

January 2019

Apple Myth 07 – Mac GUI Disk Utility cannot erase all the Windows formatted disk with GUID Partition Table Scheme

15th January, 2019|Categories: Apple|

If you are a power user for both Mac and Windows base PC, you maybe tempted to use previously running Windows base system disk for your Mac system disk saving some cost.  But, please be aware, Mac GUI Disk Utility cannot erase (wipe clean as raw disk) all the Windows formatted disk. Typically, this happens with [...]

Apple Myth 06 – macOS Mojave and APFS

7th January, 2019|Categories: Apple|

I. It appears Apple is very much determined to push their new APFS (Apple File System) when you install the latest macOS Mojave. Requirement of Mojave installation is that the system disk must be at least Mac OS Extended (Journaled) - GUID Partition Table disk. However, this Mac OS Extended (Jornaled) disk will be converted [...]

October 2018

July 2018

Computer Repair Series 03 – Is it worth repairing an old Mac computer?

25th July, 2018|Categories: Apple, Computer Repair|Tags: |

My answer: Yes, it’s worth repairing or upgrade internal parts of an old Mac computer. Reasons: Mac computers are generally much more expensive than PC computers, but they tend to last longer. macOS and hardware is coming from the same manufacturer (Apple) and generally they run much faster than PC computers considering they use relatively [...]

June 2018

Apple Myth 04 – Apple File System known as APFS

26th June, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: |

Ordinary Mac users would not much care about what sort of file system Mac uses inside of internal/external storage device.  However, it becomes very important when you decide to upgrade Mac computer operating system (macOS) to the latest High Sierra. If you require Mac computer internal storage upgrade service (Sydney CBD, Sydney North Shore – [...]

Apple Myth 03 – Apple ID and App Store

8th June, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: , |

Survival guide for not to be locked out form paid Apple applications, music and book collections for your Apple ID and App Store PART 1: When you purchase Apple device (Apple computers, iPad, iPhone etc.) for the first time, you are encouraged to setup Apple ID and Password. Apple does not give you much guidance [...]

March 2018

Apple Myth 02 MacOSX and MacOS

31st March, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: , |

Unlike PC architecture computers, Mac architecture computers are relatively long lasting machines. If you have been using Mac computers for quite some time, you become tempted to fresh install operating system by deleting entire contents because your Mac computer becomes very slow to operate. There is a way to fresh install your Mac operating system [...]

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