June 2019

Widows 10 Myth 05 – Windows 10 updates deletes important partitions

25th June, 2019|Categories: Windows 10|

This is not an isolated incident. Windows 10 simple updates wipes out very important partitions beyond recovery. This "Windows updates deletes partitions" reported since Windows 7 days. Recently, I attended my client's 3.5 inch 2TB internal hard drive (used for system and data) fail to start after a simple Windows 10 updates. When my client [...]

April 2019

Widows 10 Myth 04 – Windows 10 ver 1903 is now available for MSDN before released to General Public

21st April, 2019|Categories: Windows 10|

I will not touch with the new features of this update as it's already available on the net, such as. WINDOWS 10 VERSION 1903, MAY 2019 UPDATE: ALL THE NEW FEATURES AND CHANGES I have downloaded both 64 bits version and 32 bits version of MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) release for this version. Size of [...]

Windows 10 Myth 03 – Fail to fix Start Up problem

20th April, 2019|Categories: Windows 10|

1. This is how story begins "Windows 10 fails to start up" A morning of birthday, a young girl finds a present on her room desk - state of art modern laptop running on Windows 10 given by her parents. She is so excited and starts using the laptop - opens up entire world of [...]

March 2019

Windows 10 Myth 02 – Beware a trap of old PCI card

9th March, 2019|Categories: Windows 10|Tags: , |

Once upon a time, a boy got the best present in the world called "Computer". It made his dream come true connecting the outside world pushing his knowledge of boundary far beyond. But it was a little old computer almost left behind by the evolution of the "Operating System Giant". Luckily, the boy was given [...]

November 2018

Windows 10 Myth 01 – Twice a year big update

21st November, 2018|Categories: Windows 10|

When software giant Microsoft offered Windows 10 free upgrade in July, 2015 for all Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users, many of us were excited as previous operating system retail package was not cheap at all. But we did not know the fine prints what Microsoft offered at that time in details. Windows 10 end [...]

August 2017

How to prevent specific updates in Windows 10

14th August, 2017|Categories: Windows 10|

In Windows 10, you do not have any option to "Hide" specific Windows updates which you do not want (So as Windows 2016 Server). For whatever the reasons, Winodws 10 (as well as Windows 2016 server) tries automatically updating same device drivers (like printer driver) over and over again. This is really a pain as [...]

May 2017

Windows 10 ver 1703 15063 and 3rd party Anti Virus Program

19th May, 2017|Categories: Windows 10|

Microsoft released major update of Windows 10 in March, 2017. This is the update for ver 1607 released in July, 2016. You can identify when those major update is released by ver xxxx. First 2 digits is the year and last 2 digits is the month. By this time around, Microsoft starts pushing this [...]

Should I upgrade my PC (Windows 7 or Windows 8.1) to Windows 10?

13th May, 2017|Categories: Windows 10|

Note: This was originally posted in April, 2016.  Although Windows 10 free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 ended in July, 2016, there is still one more avenue to get a free upgrade. This upgrade is still offered for users who require assistive technologies.  For more details, please visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade. Updated on 9/2/18: This assistive technologies [...]

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