June 2018

Apple Myth 04 – Apple File System known as APFS

26th June, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: |

Ordinary Mac users would not much care about what sort of file system Mac uses inside of internal/external storage device.  However, it becomes very important when you decide to upgrade Mac computer operating system (macOS) to the latest High Sierra. If you require Mac computer internal storage upgrade service (Sydney CBD, Sydney North Shore – [...]

Computer Repair Series 02 – Internal storage (Hard Drive) failure

23rd June, 2018|Categories: Computer Repair|

Most of computer users do not know what sort of internal storage device (Hard Drive) is placed in their computer.  Typically, there are 2 types of storage devices are available.  One is a conventional mechanical hard drive made out of mostly metallic parts where data storage section constantly moving at high speed.  Another device is [...]

Computer Repair Series 01 – Internal Cooling Fan

10th June, 2018|Categories: Computer Repair|Tags: |

If you have been using Desktop, Laptop or Note computer for quite some time, you notice some noise coming from internal cooling fan area.  Worst case scenario is the internal cooling fan completely stopped turning. You can clean the fan yourself or asking local computer repair person for the job.  Most of the cases, your [...]

Apple Myth 03 – Apple ID and App Store

8th June, 2018|Categories: Apple|Tags: , |

Survival guide for not to be locked out form paid Apple applications, music and book collections for your Apple ID and App Store PART 1: When you purchase Apple device (Apple computers, iPad, iPhone etc.) for the first time, you are encouraged to setup Apple ID and Password. Apple does not give you much guidance [...]

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